2 Pekin or Long Island duck breasts

Kosher salt


Pan-roasted duck breast

Serves 2

Preheat oven to 350° F.

With a very sharp knife, score the skin side of each breast, cutting through the skin and fat, but trying to avoid cutting into the flesh. Space the scores 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. Turn the breast 90 degrees and score at right angles to the first series of scores. You’ll have a diamond pattern of cuts over the skin. Sprinkle with kosher salt on both sides and set aside until ready to cook.

Heat a heavy pan (cast iron or clad stainless steel) over medium heat until a drop of water bounces across the surface of the pan.

Lay the breasts into the pan skin-side down. Cook until the skin is medium brown and crisp, about six minutes. Turn the breasts over and cook on the flesh side for one minute. Remove to a rack set into a quarter sheet pan.

Insert a probe thermometer lengthwise into one of the breasts. Put pan in oven and roast to a temperature of 150.

Let rest for five minutes. Slice and serve plain or with a sauce, like a red wine reduction.

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